Why Atheism Requires More Faith Than Christianity

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“Don’t talk to me about religion or politics,” say many Facebook status updates. It’s interesting that many people express this desire to avoid talking about two topics which have the potential to affect their lives in a significant way. Last week I was at a shop and got talking to the man behind the desk […]

The Discipline of Spiritual Stubbornness

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The latter months of 2015 were quite challenging for many of us. As a church, we experienced the loss of two wonderful men who had been part of our church family, both through cancer. At the same time, two other members of our church family had serious accidents, resulting in them both being hospitalised and […]

3 ‘Radical’ Things Jesus Taught: Part 3

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Being a Jesus-follower is a big commitment. It requires us to set aside our preferences for how we might want to live our lives, in favour of Jesus’ way. This is the third post of a three part series called “3 ‘Radical’ Things Jesus Taught”, in which I’ve looked at elements of Jesus’ teaching which […]

3 ‘Radical’ Things Jesus Taught: Part 2

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As Christians, we are called to be disciples of Jesus. At a very basic level what that means is that we are supposed to emulate him in our own lives; we are supposed to become like him. Becoming like Jesus is not easy – after all, he lived a perfect life. There are some parts […]

3 ‘Radical’ Things Jesus Taught: Part 1

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Recently I’ve been re-reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It’s a great book, I highly recommend it. Chan talks passionately about the all-encompassing love which God has for each of us. As I was reading, it prompted me to reflect very honestly on my life and ask myself, “Am I just saying that I want […]


3 Things Jesus Never Said

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This morning I looked at Twitter, as I do every morning. I always like to have a little glance at the trending topics of the day. Usually, there’s nothing much that catches my eye, but today was different. #ThingsJesusNeverSaid is trending today, so I thought I’d have a look at it. It’s the kind of […]

Is Being Transgender a Sin?

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The news and the Internet have been astir lately over the very public transitioning of the Olympian Bruce Jenner, who is now known as Caitlyn Jenner. There have been a number of responses written about this situation; sadly, not all of them were written with regard to how Jenner (or people like her) may feel upon […]

Book Release!

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In my capacity as Assistant Pastor at Elim Church Selly Oak, one of my responsibilities is to oversee our outreach. For me, this involves two things: running outreach programs and training the church in evangelism Evangelism is something which many Christians find difficult or scary. For many years I felt the same. Some Christians question […]

Why God is a Feminist

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There’s a lot of talk at the moment about feminism. Much of this is coming from the UN campaign He For She, fronted by actress Emma Watson. The premise behind He For She is that feminism isn’t just for women; men play an important part in campaigning for equality for women. If you’re not familiar with […]